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Community Letter: Strategic Plan Priorities

In the coming weeks KUSD will publish a series of informational letters and graphics on our website and through social media to raise awareness regarding our district mission and strategic plan.

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Our school offers a unique heritage, exciting features, and a carefully-crafted learning environment that sets it apart from the other schools in our district.



Our school serves hundreds of students every day, each one a valued and important life-learner. We love to provide exceptional and, in many cases, individualized education services.


Certified Staff

Our small army of certified and enthusiastic teachers allows our school to provide our students with a quality education.


Sports Teams

Our students have access to an array of safe and competitive sports teams, run by exceptional coaches and staff.


Groups & Clubs

Students have access to fun and exciting groups and clubs. Our clubs help encourage life-skills, develop relational awareness, encourage leadership qualities, and fit practically any interest.


Arts Programs

Our students can always participate in creative classes such as band, or extracurricular groups like the drama club. Find out what our school offers today!


Advanced Academic Courses

Our school offers programs that can prepare our students for, and even launch them into, academic and collegiate pathways. The more prominent of these programs is the Cambridge Academy.


Career Path Courses

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is just one of the many ways the students in our school can gain a head-start onto their career path. Many of our classes are designed with real-world, practical knowledge and skills in mind.