White Cliffs Middle School Campus Aerial Photo with Traffic Arrows
07 September

New Pick-up/Drop-off Procedure

Beginning Monday, September 12th students will be picked-up and dropped-off in the back parking lot. Please follow the arrows when dropping off, and picking up students in the back parking lot. Buses will load and unload in the front parking …

07 September

Have You Seen Pride Rock?

Pride Rock is an amazing way to do a shout out to someone! The rock can be used to celebrate sports events, dances, birthdays and much more. Students, parent and faculty can rent the rock. You can rent one side …

White Cliffs K U S D dot O R G logo black background
08 April

Spring Formal

Hello White Cliffs parents and families! On May 6th, the White Cliffs Yearbook will be hosting a Candyland themed spring formal from 7-9 pm in the cafeteria. This dance is semi-formal and we do ask that the kids dress up …

White Cliffs K U S D dot O R G logo black background
01 March

Wolf Drive Wednesday

Wednesday, March 2 will be another Wolf Drive Wednesday. To participate in this free dress day, students can bring a ream of paper, white board markers, or a package of pencils to the office before school starts and receive a …